Kalypso Suites Hotel: Entrance

About Us

Ηotel Ηistory

When the passion for design mt the building with a history of 45 years in the area of hospitallity, the cover was reborn, a hotel built with traditional architecture by a family that has been active in the field of hospitallity for half a century. Built in the center of the village of Elounda overlooking its port and the beach with sandy beaches. The cover took its name from Greek mythology the nymph cover that kept Odysseus on the island of Ogygia preventing him from returning to his homeland. So I promise to meet the requirements of hoispitallity in combination with the picturesqueness and luxury of the island with every detail.

High Rating

High quality rooms with all the necessary amenities at your service.


Free Cancellation

Make your reservations easy and we give you the opportunity for an early cancellation.

Quiet Hours

A quiet place for you and your family at the center of Elounda.


Payment Options

Pay for your room and services anyway you want, with cash, credit or debit card or bank transaction.

Best Locations

Close to all the essentials, supermarkets, pharmacies, taverns etc.


Special Offers

It is not your first time at Kalypso? Then you can take advantage of our special offers. Ask for more!

"Amazing Stay"

One of the most beautiful vacations in my life. Best location for doing EVERYTHING !!! Greek hospitality confirmed the myth! Thank you all.

Oksana Bogdanievna

"Magical Place"

A diferent world that you can't imagine if you don't go. Elounda and the area around is gorgeous but the difference was made by the ABSOLUTE HOSPITALITY at the Kalypsos Suites Hotel! We will come back ... it is a promise!

Mahramas John N.Y. USA

"lucky us"

Just few days ago we came to Elounda just to see the area because it is so famous! We stayed at the just renovated Kalypso Suites Hotel and we are so excited !!! The hotel is perfect and the people working there and of course Nektaria the owner are so professional. we spend all our vacations there and we wish that never ended! Thank you for everything!

Vera Panagopoulos